Colourful Emotions

Our novel study this term is Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah. It is a true story of Adeline Yen Mah’s childhood in China and tells of her courage and triumph over very difficult circumstances. There are a number of very powerful themes in the book which include, courage, loneliness, abandonment, and triumph. The novel evokes many emotions within us including fear, love, hate, happiness, anger, joy, sadness, excitement and loneliness.

Jessica Watson’s recent visit to our school highlighted a myriad of emotions which she too experienced in the course of striving for and achieving her dream.

Year 6 students have created some ‘Colourful Emotions’ poetry.  To whet your appetites, a few poems have been published below. Many students will soon be publishing their writing on their own blogs and I would encourage all readers to visit the personal blogs of students to view their amazing poetry.


Betrayal is a murky green.

It tastes like chocolate mixed with a deadly poison

And it smells like fresh blood.

The sound of echoing footsteps

While the awful room with no way out,

filled with your nicest memories,

burns to small crisps.

The poison running through your veins,

eating at your lungs, brain and heart.

The sound of laughing

Quickly replaced with screams and crying.


                                                                    By Rebecca W



Loss is black

It tastes bitter and cold.

It smells damp and dark,

Looks like a monster, hiding in the shadows,

Preparing to feast on your soul.

Sounds like the wails and cries of a child

separated from its mother.

Feels like you’re engulfed in darkness

and you’ll never be the same forever.

Loss is black.

                                                                                           By Ilana B



Tranquility is that vivid shade of azure blue

That you find in the sky on a warm morning.

It tastes like a light, fruity cake

Floating and cool, dissolving on your tongue.

The smell like cold, mountain air

Fresh grass with a tang of snow.

Tranquility is that gurgling

Wind brushing through pine trees

and steady drumming of woodpeckers.

The pale stream flows anywhere it wishes

Lazily floating around bends

Its beryl blue water is crisp and refreshing

But slips through your fingers all too quietly

Tranquility is that moment

That will not last forever

                                                                                                  By Isabella B


Joy is bright orange

It tastes like a ripe mango with juice dribbling down my chin

Crunchie chocolate honeycomb melting on my tongue

It smells like mandarins being peeled

 and the scent of citrus filling the air

It looks like ponies galloping in a grassy green paddock

It sounds like the innocence of children’s laughter

It feels like my pony nuzzling against me

and looks like a field of sunflowers with their face pointing towards the sun

                                                                                 By Kenya W


9 thoughts on “Colourful Emotions

  1. I loved reading your poems, Year 6. They’re amazing! You should pop into Year 3 sometime and see what we have been doing with colour. Our girls have created their own colours, named them and written descriptions of how the colour makes them feel.

  2. Dear Year 6,

    I am loving what you’re doing with your blog site! Congratulations on your high quality work and the professional manner in which it is presented. I look forward to checking in and seeing what else you’re doing for the rest of the term!

    Well done!

    Dr. S (not Seuss)

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  4. Your poems are great, and its good that feelings can have representatives that go so well with feelings, its fun how they can become colours, objects and animals. Love the poems, keep up the good work!

  5. Hello,
    My name is brooke i am in mrs. Braidwood’s class. I think my favourite colour emotion is magenta is my favourite colour for exited

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